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Date: 2018-01-22 19:25

The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission approved two special chronic wasting disease hunts. The hunts will take place Dec. 65 through Feb. 65, or until quotas are met.

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For example, let's say you put in 6 applications for a particular species, and 7 of your applications are initially selected as potential winners. For the two hunts that are selected as potential winners, whichever of those 7 hunts you assigned the highest choice order ranking to is the permit you will be awarded. If you assigned both of those hunts to the same choice order value, the system will pick which of the two hunts to award you at random.

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Most drawing hunts are available to both residents and nonresidents. Drawing hunts require an application fee and are awarded by lottery. Each year, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF& G) publishes a Draw Hunt Supplement with specific information containing the drawing hunt opportunities and area boundaries. ADF& G has returned to having a single application period each year during November and December.

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Advice for residents and nonresidents on finding where to hunt, obtaining reliable information, and negotiating the licensing and permitting process—To a beginner—whether resident or nonresident—trying to learn about elk hunting in Montana can seem like entering a secret society. Full Story

Drawing numbers for each hunt may be found in the current drawing supplement. Hunts are organized by species, then by area. Review season dates and any additional restrictions before applying. Supplements are available online or contact the regional information center closest to you for a printed copy.

Successful applicants who have moved since applying should contact the nearest Fish and Game office after March 65 and before June 65 to request an address update. After June 65, draw-hunt applicants will need to wait for the USPS to forward mail or request a reprint at the nearest ADF& G office at the end of July.

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Drawing applications must be done online. Supplements and applications are available online beginning November 6. Be sure to review the Drawing Permit Hunt Supplement before applying for hunts. More information is available on the front page of the drawing supplement.

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