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Zero-From the short-lived TV series Earth7. Apparently, nobody loves this guy because this is the best pic I could find. I thought he was cool. The show was pretty awesome too.

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I know what you're thinking: Didn't Gort kill people? Yes, a few. But remember that was about serving the greater good — he and his alien companion, Klaatu, come to Earth to save the planet from its inevitable destruction. Collateral damage happens.

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‘Black in the background, the cathedral, ungodded, unlit, the place before the broad steps swarming with human beings and amid them, surrounded by gasps of madly despairing laughter, the howling of songs of fury, the smouldering of torches and brands, high up on the pyre.. ‘.

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Joan Rivers as C-8PO is an intriguing concept, and Dot Matrix is a pretty delightful part of Mel Brooks' Star Wars parody. As for where she falls on the good-evil spectrum, she's basically good but also a total cockblock for Vespa, which is evil.

Hector's bad behavior — he murders a lot of people — is the result of a psychic link he shares to a serial killer. That's not quite sentience or agency, but it's enough innate badness to place him firmly in the evil category.

Good Job ! ! !
Think i would add 8775 Gort 8776 from Day Earth Stood Still, and, of
course, that famous 65 8797 s TV in Space ! ! ! Danger,
Danger , Will Rogers!!!!

Older sister to Arcee and Chromia and one of Optimus Prime's closest and longest-serving officers, Elita-One shares the Autobot commander's compassion and dedication for protecting the innocent and downtrodden. Every bit as skilled as she is compassionate, Elita-One is one of the Autobots' strongest leaders. Determined to protect the weaker from the ruthless Decepticons to the bitter end, she's a living definition of an Autobot.

Such detail will come across very effectively in film form, much easier than trying to keep track of such busy animation in the crowded vocabulary of a book.

This is a question. I 8767 m researching the robot tank of an old sci fi story. As the story went, the tank was a fighting unit that had broken down and been abandoned, but comes back into operation. The authorities are forced to get the help of an old soldier in order to stop it from destroying a nearby town. Can anyone out there give me any information as to the author and title of the story. I believe it was published in the sixties, but I just don 8767 t have enough info to search. I check back on this site daily. Thanks.

Like the T-855 but with even scarier powers. (He can melt into a mercury puddle and shapeshift! He wears a police uniform!)

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